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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 12, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning, big questions. >> we're about to learn a whole lot more about that penn state sex scandal in just hours. a former head of the fbi releases his report. was there a cover-up? and what did coach paterno really know? gutsy move. mitt romney's speech to a hostile crowd. getting booed by members of the naacp. that particular display on the fourth of july. so close, people were running for cover. now, you see it. now, you don't. a shark stealing lunch right off the line.
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good thursday morning, everyone. we may get answers this morning to some of those troubling questions in the penn state sex abuse scandal. >> results of the investigation, which is headed by former fbi chief, louis freeh, are being found out in philadelphia. brandi hitt as a preview of the bombshell report. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. in a few hours, we'll know if officials tried to cover up the jerry sandusky sex scandal. that report will be released in this hotel. and it could impact the school's reputation. >> the mandate is clear. we've been tasked to investigate the matter fully, fairly and completely. >> reporter: penn state university trustees hired former fbi chief, louis freeh, to find out who knew what and when in
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the penn state sex abuse scandal. that involves athletic director, tim curley, and coaching legend, joe paterno. >> joe paterno is no longer the head football coach. >> reporter: the football coach admitted to learning of the incident in 2001, between sandusky and a boy in a shower. he told campus officials. and reportedly, there is an e-mail trail. schultz and curly have pleaded not guilty to failing to report child abuse. >> whether you're a football coach or the university president, or the guy sweeping the building, i think you have a responsibility. >> reporter: last month, a jury found sandusky guilty of 45 counts of abusing children. paterno hoped the university would not suffer the consequences. in an op-ed released by his family wednesday, paterno wrote, quote, this is not a football scandal and should not be treated by one.
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and does not in any way tarnish the hard-earned, and well-defshed academic reputation of penn state. they believe they should be invited to discuss the findings of investigators before the report was released. >> folks are expecting a bombshell report today. what's the potential fallout, though, for penn state, after this report gets released today? >> reporter: attorneys for san dus dusandusky's victims will be watching and reading this report because there could be future lit kags in this case. so, we could have a long way to go. >> brandi hitt live in philadelphia with that report. thanks so much. now, to politics where mitt romney traveled to wyoming to get the stamp of approval from former veep dick cheney. it's certain to be a warmer
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reception than romney got in front of the oldest civil rights group. >> reporter: he knew it would be a hostile audience. but mitt romney came to the naacp convention anyway. then, told them what they didn't want to hear. >> i am going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find. that includes obama care. and i am going to work to reform and save -- [ booing ] >> reporter: those boos lasted a full 15 seconds. romney then went on to slam president obama's record. and added this -- >> if you want a president who will make things better in the african-american community, you are looking at him. take a look. >> reporter: talk about a tough sell. telling the nation's most prominent african-american organization to vote against the nation's first african-american president. after all, in our latest poll, 96% of african-americans said they would vote for obama. just 3% for romney. >> thank you. >> reporter: while romney won't
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find many votes here, he may find respect. showing he can stick to his beliefs before a hostile audience. romney did get a smattering of applause, including when he promised to return if elected president. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. and one more political note this morning. democratic congressman jesse jackson jr. is said to be suffering from what's being called a mood disorder. he's been on medical leave, now, from congress for more than a month. but when leaders of his very own party started demanding answers, jackson's office said he was being treated for that disorder but they did not say where. he denied reports he is dealing with alcoholism and addiction. a major announcement coming from the dea today. investigators have uncovered a highly-sophisticated drug smuggling tunnel, running from sonora, mexico, to outside yuma, arizona. we'll have a look inside the tunnel, that's fully equipped
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with lighting and ventilation. that's coming up later on "gma." and from the other side of the world, the u.s. is reportedly rushing dozens of unmanned submersibles through the persian gulf. "the l.a. times" says it's part of a military build up, aimed at preventing iran from closing the strait of hormuz. those submersibles can detect and destroy mines. they were requested in may by the top u.s. commander in that region. two major developments in a hazing scandal at florida a&m university. the university president has now abruptly resigned. his resignation comes on the same day at the parents of an apparent hazing victim sued the school. robert champion died after being beaten by band members. and his parents say the university did not do enough to stop the hazing. it is time for the weather from across the nation. one major trouble spot today stretches from texas to the carolinas and south into florida. expect drenching rain, flooding
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and of course, a whole lot of humidity. severe storms over the dakotas. but we're lucky out here in the northeast, with sunny and dry conditions, for now, though. >> for now. sweltering triple-digit temps in phoenix and boise. just slightly cooler, mid to high 90s in sacramento, salt lake city and billings. most other spots around the nation can plan on mid to high 80s. good to see lower temps after the last two weeks or so. well, coming up, is the fed ready to take new action to kick-start the economy. and on top of that, a steel-plated new car guarantee. a full refund, your money back no questions asked. >> like that. and the woman who got more than she bargained for when she went fishing, snagging herself a shark.
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welcome back, everybody. there's a growing consensus among top economists that ben bernanke and the fed will step in to help the limping economy. almost half of the experts by "the wall street journal," say the federal reserve will take action because the economy appears to be slowing down. one economic bright spot may be the housing market. "the journal" is reporting that signs show the housing bust has ended, nearly seven years after the bubble burst, with numbers strong enough to convince the experts that the crisis has turned around for good. but real estate watchers warn
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that the budding recovery is still fragile. overseas markets are lower this morning. in tokyo, the nikkei lost 131 points. hong kong's hang seng dropped 395 points. in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, the dow was down 49 points yesterday. the nasdaq, meanwhile, lost 14. in other news this morning, talk is now heating up about a possible merger between american airlines and u.s. airways. and actually the head of u.s. air who is doing the talking. doug parker, who is tired of the cold shoulder, is going public to make his case. he says the only way his airline and american can survive against giants united and delta is to team up. a new way to get car buyers into the showroom. chevy is giving a new money-back guarantee. you can drive a car home. bring it back for a full refund,
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no questions asked. customers might give the company to show confidence. >> time to trade in the pinto. the pop culture geekfest known as comicon is under way in san diego. hollywood will preview what it has in store for tv and for movie screens, as well. today's highlight, footage from "breaking dawn 2." if you don't have a ticket, keep yourself at home because comic-con 20121 sold-out. >> i saw an adult-sized wonder woman outfit. i need one of those. >> is that one right there? >> that is it. i always wanted to be wonder woman. >> i expect to see it tomorrow on the show. save it for sweeps, maybe.
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when we come back, high drama. the heart-stopping scenes 42 stories up in new york. and the pastor crediting a reality show, of all things, for helping catch his cancer and save his life. my volt is the best vehicle i've ever driven. i bought the car because of its efficiency. i bought the car because i could eliminate gas from my budget. i don't spend money on gasoline. it's been 4,000 miles since my last trip to the gas station.
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now, what you're seeing and hearing right there is, by far, the best look yet at those now infamous july 4th fireworks in san diego that failed in epic fashion. the folks who captured these images likely arrived very early to get a great seat in the house, only to see the show end before they could utter their first oohs and ahs. >> maybe they were on a time crunch. fireworks to go. expect slow-going with flooding in the southeast.
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in times in the northern plains and the southwest. >> if you're flying today, airport delays are possible in houston and memphis, due to heavy rain in those areas. also, nashville and miami. delays there because of some thunderstorms. and now, to what's being called the most significant finding in the fight against alzheimer's disease in the last two decades. a just-released study finds that a particular gene mutation shows the production of a normal substance that is found in the brain called beta amaloid. >> amounts of that substance have been linked to alzheimer's. work to block that substance, may alter the course of alzheimer's or prevent it all-together. abc's dr. richard besser will have more about this ground-breaking study coming up later on "good morning america." we have breaking news from deep in the french alps. six people are dead after an avalanche near the popular ski
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resaturday of chamonix. it's unclear if any are americans. investigators in ohio are looking at mechanical malfunction as a possible cause of that train derailment in columbus. the exploding cars made quite a scene. but only minor injuries, amazingly enough. about 100 people were evacuated by firefighters who decided simply to let the fire burn itself out. a frightening scene on the streets of midtown manhattan. two window washers dangled for almost an hour, just outside the 42nd floor of a high-rise, after their motorized scaffolding broke down. doctors checked them out. but amazingly, they were not injured. i cannot imagine dangling there for an hour. >> those are brave guys up there. other news, now. a pastor in california is crediting the abc show "wipeout"
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for saving his life. he got roughed up on the show in april. after the taping, he started having vision problems to go along with the headaches he had for quite a while. he got his eyes checked. they were okay. that's when a second doctor told him he actually had a brain tumor. that tumor was removed about two weeks ago. >> within a few days, i was feeling good. in fact, i haven't felt this good for many, many years. i feel like i lived for such a long time. and i didn't realize how sick i was until it's been removed and i look back and go, wow. >> pozaks is waiting confirmation that the entire tumor, which is about the size of a human fist, was removed. he said he would go back on the show anytime. silver lining, folks. >> that's right. now, some olympics. a unique scene this morning. this is american sprinter michael johnson, running the olympic torch around the famous circle at stonehenge.
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johnson ran at three olympics. so, he knows all about the outfits that athletes wear. what we found out about them yesterday, it was surprising. the clothing that american's finest will be wearing in london, in a few weeks, is not made in america. here's abc's sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: they are the pride of america, team usa. and for the opening ceremonies in london, they'll proudly be wearing red, white and blue. classic american style by ralph lauren. but just how american is it? we sent our producer, carlos, and intern, katherine, to get outfitted in the opening ceremony uniform. you look dashing. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: and then we dug in, looking at the labels. made in china. china. china. and the shoes? made in china. every item in those uniforms, made overseas. what do you think about that? >> i think it's a disgrace. i think it's a national disgrace.
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>> reporter: could we have outfitted our athletes head-to-toe in american designers? >> absolutely. >> reporter: she says american manufacturers could have made the uniforms here, easily, and for less money. so, we reached out to ralph lauren and the olympic committee to ask. the committee responded, "the u.s. olympic team is privately funded and we're grateful for the support of our sponsors. we're proud of our partnership with ralph lauren, an iconic american company." not exactly an answer. but american manufacturers insist, like our athletes, they can compete. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> seems a bit contradictory. >> i don't get it at all. >> your suit was made -- where? >> kmart. up next, "the pulse." and the legendary band that first hit the stage 50 years ago today. and one of our favorite stories of the day. would you pay this woman 60 bucks an hour to cuddle?
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keith and the boys made their live debut, the first gig at london's marquis club. >> the band got together recently for rehearsals. they don't confirm an anniversary tour. but it's going to happen. >> you know what the news in "the pulse" this morning, that keith richards still has one. this is a story about the one who got away. but it's a good thing. >> sara bray, her father and fiance were fishing when she got a bite on her line. >> oh, jesus. >> great reaction. sara will be joining us from south carolina later on "good morning america." >> i get that guy's reaction. i understand, pal. for 60 bucks, a woman will spend an hour in bed with you. it sounds like the job description of the world's oldest profession. >> but it's not. in this case, 60 bucks buys you an hour of cuddling.
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jackcy sandal has launched her new business, the snuggery. it sounds like a place to buy baby blankets, it offers clients comfort and relaxation, but no sex. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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updating our top stories now. results of a high-level internal investigation into the penn state sex abuse scandal will be released today. at issue is whether the late coach, joe paterno, and other school officials knew that jerry sandusky was a pedophile. mitt romney was booed in his appearance before the naacp when he talked about dismantling health care reform. but he picked up some points for being willing to speak in front of the group. and health care reform was slammed again on capitol hill. the house voted for the 33rd time to repeal the law. but a repeal effort has no chance in the senate. looking at today's weather. mostly hot and dry in the west. stormy in the northern plains. and sticky warm with drenching
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rain across the southeast. and finally from us this morning, bringing up baby. and in this case, the youngster is a lovable leopard. >> abc's bill weir takes us to africa where this young fella is trying to make his way in the wild. >> reporter: the little guy is just 10 days old. vision hazy. balance, unsteady. his mother is loathe to leave him, in order to search for their breakfast. she has no idea how he will fare when she's chasing wart hog piglets. he wakes up with a different spotted creature. when it comes to climbing, this one is far from gifted. the mother returns from the hunt. but she figures out, for this one, going up is a lot easier than coming down. it is not just a phase. even at 6 months, he has not lost his clumsiness.
4:29 am
he's still falling and getting stuck. in botswana, the word for tears. when filmmakers found him, they knew he would be the star of the next film. >> we started to realize how awkward he was. his paws were so much bigger than his body. we were laughing most of the time. we thought, this would be a great film. >> reporter: safari-goers can go years without spotting one. but on a morning drive, we were lucky enough to find a big male casually wandering. but their skin makes them so invisible to their prey, but makes them so vulnerable to their predator, man. in 5 years, 250,000 leopards were killed for fashion. and only about 50,000 remain. he has still to make a kill of his own. can he hunt on his own? the unlikely leopard shall


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